Podcast: AT&T-BellSouth: Good Connection?

Earlier this week, AT&T announced it had agreed to acquire BellSouth for $67 billion, a deal that will create the world’s largest telephone company. Reports since that announcement have noted that a “reborn AT&T,” as it has been called by the media, will give cable companies a serious run for their money in the race to sell phone, TV and Internet services. And it comes at a time when cable companies are already losing market share to telephone companies in the area of high-speed Internet connections. Knowledge@Wharton has asked Gerald Faulhaber for his perspective on the acquisition, including its impact on consumers. Faulhaber is professor of business and public policy at Wharton, and in 2000-2001 was chief economist at the Federal Communications Commission. In the 1980s he was director of strategic planning and financial management at AT&T, and before that held various positions at Bell Telephone Laboratories.

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